Our firm ensures to do its best while assisting any individual with tax related issues. Attorneys of our team strive hard to ensure your rights are protected and you are not being charged excess tax. Each and every client is important for us so we try our best to generate the most favourable outcome for every situation. Click here for information on a syracuse tax attorney.

Defence against revenue agents 

There are many cases when the revenue agents try to collect more information than they require. There is no reason for them to collect information regarding additional tax years but this fact is not known by the general population. Masses always try to remain in the good books of revenue agents and generally supply any information they ask. This information is used against the individual it is collected from and might lead to many more issues and penalties along with more prosecutions.

It is difficult to negotiate with revenue agents and only a capable expert with experience can accomplish this. It is necessary for all the agents to know that your documents are complete and you have kept a proper account of all the necessary costs and incomes. These agents try to gauge your skills and knowledge and also want to see how much you know about the law.  
Our lawyers ensure your safety by:

  • Creating records of your business that are impeccable.
  • Negotiating or legally convincing the agents to stop their actions against our client.
  • Increasing their work with the case they are building against you so that they eventually slow down.

Through our actions the agents are able to verify your records and ensure accuracy and at the same time are prevented from building any case against you.

Income tax lawyer

Our firm offers services concerned with personal income tax to all clients. Some of the services we cater to are:

  • protection of income
  • protecting assets along with personal freedom by justifying interest and penalties
  • defending against unlawful hearing
  • negotiating the tax liabilities in the most favourable manner possible

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